Season Information

Our season begins on August 1st and practices are 4 days a week prior to the first day of school and 3 days a week during school. Practice times and days are determined by the team’s head coach and will fall within Monday- Fridays and within a time frame of no earlier than 6 pm and no later than 8:30 pm. Generally younger teams practice for shorter time frames and older the full time.

During our first weeks of practice, our cheerleaders will complete their mandatory 20 hours of conditioning required to participate in their first game.

All practices are mandatory and cheerleaders are expected to be on time and be in their full practice uniform.

Games are held on Saturday’s and we do travel locally. Participation and full uniform at games are required. Squads will cheer for their respective football teams.

As September approaches, cheerleaders will begin to work on competition/exhibition routines where the focus is on tumbling, stunting and dance. Head coaches will adjust their practice schedule to meet the demands of the squad.


Participation in competition is mandatory.

Our older teams will participate in 2 competitions and our younger teams in 1.

Competitions are held at the Silver Spurs Arena, a local venue and Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Our competitions are in October, November and December.

During competition preparation, our practice times may adjust to fit the need of the team.

During competition preparation, our teams will travel to practice at an indoor gym to receive the advantage of a full competition floor.