• How do I sign my child up to participate with Olympia Pop Warner?

    Attend an in-person registration event: We will have a couple chances to register in person in the off-season. Our first event is usually held near the end of February. Our second event is held during the summer. There may be more opportunities available for in person registration; these events will be posted on the homepage of our website (www.olympiatitanspw.com).

    You may choose to register online. All forms can be accessed and payment of registration fee can be processed through the PayPal link on our website. Keep in mind that we must have the original required forms in our files; so, you will have to hand those in personally.

  • Is the registration process the same for both football & cheer?

    1. Birth certificate (must verify original copy)
    2. 2017 Pop Warner Participant Contract (2 pages. No copies, must have originals)
    3.Three copies of the child’s final 2015 -2016 report card
    4. 2017 Pop Warner Physical Fitness & Medical History Form (two pages. No copies, must have originals)
    5. Parental Behavior Memorandum
    6. Wallet sized color photo (no hats allowed)
    7. Registration fee

  • What other documentation may be required of me to complete my child’s registration?

    1. Copy of your most recent utility bill to verify residency
    2. Proof of medical insurance
    3. Drivers license (if interested in being an active/on field volunteer)

  • How do I know which association my child is zoned to participate with?

    Mid-Florida Pop Warner (MFPW) uses the same districts zones that correspond with the high schools in each county. Whichever high school your child is zoned for, that is the association they are zoned to play for. There are a few high school districts that do not have active Pop Warner programs; those are considered open zones.

  • Can my child participate with an association they are not zoned for?

    Registration of a player/cheerleader can only be made at the association they are zoned for unless they live in a high school district which does not have a Pop Warner program. However, there are exceptions made for some circumstances which may include their home association’s roster being full or a sibling already participating at another program. In rare cases, exceptions can also be made for unique/extenuating circumstances beyond full rosters or siblings.

  • Does Pop Warner require its participants to try out?

    NO TRYOUTS! Pop Warner programs are not permitted to hold tryouts or cutting of rosters.

  • How many participants are permitted to be on each team?

    Pop Warner rules mandate that no team may have more than 35 players (except Tiny Mites which can have no greater than 28) and no less than 17 on an active roster. Cheer leading teams cannot have more than 35 per team. Numbers for cheer leading squads and football teams may vary as they are set by coach availability.

  • How do I know what division to register my football player/cheerleader for?

    2017 Pop Warner Football Age/Weight Matrix

    Possible Team Assignment

  • What is the cut-off date for the participants age determination?

    July 31st. Each child's "league age" is determined by what age they are on July 31st of the current year.

  • What if my child does not meet (or exceeds) the weight requirement?

    It is not uncommon each season for a few boys to play one weight class above what is normal for their age. Players may be moved up or down one level within the weight requirements at the association’s discretion. We enforce the rule at Olympia that if your child is eligible to play “Older/Lighter”, then they are required to do so.