Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff has dedicated their time, knowledge, skill and passion to ensuring everyone experiences the most out of every game.

Feel free to reach out to any member of the coaching team and they will gladly assist you.

Football Supervisory Staff

Latoya Russ

Football Commissioner

Football Coaching Staff

Coach Bud

6U Head Coach
  • Phone: (407) 403-3688

Coach Brandon

10U Head Coach
  • Phone: (407) 399-1369

Coach Len

14U Head Coach
  • Phone: (407) 452-9679

Coach Eddie

8U Head Coach
  • Phone: (407) 818-4594

Coach Craig

12U Head Coach
  • Phone: (407) 202-7571

Cheer Supervisory Staff

Lakeisha Pickney

Cheer Commissioner

Cheerleading Coaching Staff