Mission Statement

Our vision and mission, is to push the leading edge of athletic development. As an Association, we will maximize our athletes’ fullest potential; teach our athletes the skills, fundamentals and ethics it takes to succeed.  Success begins not only on the field, but in the classroom, the community, and above all: LIFE.  We are committed to each and every athlete, and parent, in our organization. We pride ourselves in delivering a family centered, competitive, and safe environment.

The name Titan, defined by Greek Mythology, is one of a family of giants. A powerful definition that we stand by; we live by, and promise to provide to all the members of our organization. You see, at Olympia, you don’t just join a team, you join a family, a family of GIANTS.  Be a TITAN!!!!

When registering a child, requests for refunds must be submitted to the Olympia Pop Warner Assistance Board no later than August 1st
of the season to receive a 50% refund. All fees after August 1st will be addressed on a case by case basis.





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  • You make sure they remember, forever,
    the night they played the Titans!
    - Coach Yoast Remember the Titans    
  • Our kids had a great time last year.  Looking forward to
    another great season this year.
    - Anonymous Mom    
  • It was a great effort today. Our cheerleaders, parents and fans offered tremendous support. Go Titans!!! - Anonymous Dad    